Thank You, Monday Morning.

Monday Morning, a name that indeed resonates more than The Times or The Indian Express in the NITR campus premises. This organization has indeed influenced more people in the institute than any other club or society.

I remember my AIEEE counseling days when my dad and I used to search for branches in NIT, placement stats, news about NIT and all that through Monday Morning. I have seen these people making the induction process literally like a job interview. From the organizational structure to the tests and tasks given, it’s all so systematic.

Owing to its nature of being the official media body of NIT Rourkela, some biasing in the report happens at times, sometimes even leading to the removal of the posts. But the impeccable efforts put in by the students is indeed commendable.

Thanks, Monday Morning, for the wonderfully jotted down interview session. You people approaching me for an interview session despite all academic deficiency was indeed a surprise for me. I hope the interview serves its purpose of being an inspirational pill for the dormant talents of NIT Rourkela.

For those who would like to spare five mins to read it, here is the link.


One thing I would like to mention here is that the things I said in the interview are very personal to me. That’s what I felt, and so I said. That need not be a guiding path to someone. Everyone has their own uniqueness, their own passion, their own inspiration. Work on it. Work diligently on it, even if that passion is academia or research. Only time can say, what it has in store for you. When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it. You will feel that for sure at some point of your life.  All the best. Good luck. 


The best part after a few days of the interview was, a random guy calling me on the road and saying, “Hi, You are Abodid Sahoo? I saw your photo on MM and even read your interview. It was nice. I am interested in …….. “.


Some of the best things about MM  I have seen in my tenure along with some suggestions.

1. The Interviews

The interviews of students, professors, and alumni that get published have always been a source of inspiration and information alike. It’s great to see MM taking this legacy forward. It would be great if MM could even interview some of the hidden gems of NIT who do not have much of a social presence but indeed are quite talented in their own fields of interest.

2.The Polls

The polls have been quite useful in having an estimate of what NITR junta thinks and wants. Keep that up.

3.Photo of the week

I personally like this part, since it gives an opportunity to any random student of NITR to showcase his creativity. One suggestion I would give is, try collaborating intensively will Third Eye, Cinematics, Heartbeats and other media clubs to produce quality content. Sending MM members to classes and workshops by these clubs could also work.

4.Placement Live

It indeed must be taking quite a lot of timely efforts to keep that updated each and every day for the whole year. Hats off. This indeed is a page every student keep son checking and fantasizing. =D

Apart from that, MM being an organization with such a huge social media reach, it would be great if MM could help out clubs like SAE and Cyborg in raising funds who actually do some real engineering so passionately. I remember Mithun Babu working so diligently and even sleeping in the workshop for nights altogether. God bless this guy. He is an inspiration.


Wish to read about the recent Annual Alumni Meet of NIT Rourkela held in Hyderabad?
Click this link.

To see some videos by me and my team, click here.

Till then, take care. Stay inspired.





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