Exploring Odisha with Nirupama Hotels

Exploring Odisha with Nirupama Hotels is not just a video to promote the hotel group located in four different locations in Odisha, but a heartfelt effort to showcase the unexplored beauty of Odisha. These places in Odisha are a must visit for anyone who wants his weekend off from the hustle bustle of the corporate life. Let’s explore the beauty of Odisha traveling over many places including Dhenkanal, Dhabaleswar, Kapilash and Taratarini.

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Produced by Nirupama Hotels

Video Production by Visual Notes Creative Media.

In collaboration with Cinematics Club, NIT Rourkela

Camera used – Canon 6D and Canon 700D
Buy the camera on Amazon – http://amzn.to/2qQIJMq

Sliders Used – Cinematic Slider
Buy the Slider on Amazon – http://amzn.to/2pltQ2u

Production Team
Production Head and Creative Direction – Abodid Sahoo
http://www.abodidsahoo.com Cinematography – Abhishek Kuthum

Video Edit and Cinematography Assistance – Abodid Sahoo

Still Photography and Cinematography assistance- Rites Bera

Aerial Cinematography – Jitendra Sethi

Production Assistance by Naveen Patchala, Kunal Sahu and Aasutosh Purohit.


NIT Rourkela Alumni Meet 2016 Hyderabad Diaries

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou

As true as the saying goes, the feel never fades.

It all started with a mail I  got with a mention of a sponsored trip to Hyderabad for someone who submits a video showcasing the journey from REC to NIT. For a moment without a second thought, I did not want to miss the chance. I guess that was one of the best decision of the year by me. I sent a mail with the link to the trailer of Altum and I was selected. If I am not wrong, I guess that was the only submission.

I literally had a grand welcome to the WhatsApp group with appreciations for the trailer. That’s where they put me in a mail loop with the Tech Mahindra Marketing and Communications Team. Indraneel Ganguli, the CMO of Tech M sent a mail with a wonderful script in it. As the deadline approached, I collected a lot of old photographs from various sources. But due to time constraints, I was unable to have the video ready and the only option I had was to complete it in Hyderabad.

Day 1

Vishakha Express led us to Hyderabad in a day. I was literally awed by those high-rise corporate building of Hyderabad. In no time we reached the High-Tech City. Entering inside it was a different experience altogether for a first-time visitor like me. The rooms and the guest house of Tech M were all of an ultimate comfort level. Who can forget those breakfast delicacies of the guest room!

Since I had the responsibility of getting the video done in two days, I had to move over to the Tech M Marketing and Communications office area to work in collaboration with the people there. Those tow days of intense work is something I will cherish for years to come. Never had I seen such a grand auditorium in my life. What can be more awe-inspiring for a creator than to see his work displayed on such a grand auditorium with such high dignitaries watching it with an emotion filled aura!

NITRAA has indeed done a magnanimous task by organizing this at such a large scale. The panel discussions were indeed eye opening. It was great to see the alumni coming up with striking ideas to implement for the betterment of NIT and improving the student-alumni relationship. Even our new director was so receptive to the ideas.

I would like to mention about some of my conversations with some of our Alumni.

1. Anustup Nayak – “I am called various things”, he said, and CP says okay Hi VT. That was hilarious and on spot. The passion with which he mentioned about his venture XSEED was indeed commendable. He straightforwardly accused our education system and the way we are taught. I wish he succeeds to bring in a disruptive change in the education scenario in India soon. They have this beautiful ad video. Do give a watch how they let a kid visualize electrostatics.

2. Venkat Peri – The REC to NIT video was played, followed by claps and a nostalgic aura all over, and then I heard a familiar voice, “Abodid. Where are you? Gentlemen, I would like to call him on stage.” I still wonder how can someone be so down to earth to call me on the stage just to introduce me. At present, he is a partner in PwC’s advisory business. Along with that has quite a lot to add on to his profile. But still, he manages to find time to chill out and even invited us for a dinner at his beautiful home. This man within those few days taught me a lot about how to deal with people, audience, students, family, etc.

3. Dushyant Mishra – You are an energy bomb indeed. Your constant reminders and ideas are the prime reasons for the grand success of this meetup. You have indeed inspired the whole bunch of students community to give their best to improve the student-alumni relationship. You deserve your high endorsements in Team Management and Relationship Management as your profile shows. I hope this continues and we as a whole take NIT Rourkela to a higher realm.

4. Leo Paulose – I simply love the way you interact with people. You bring in such a tremendous positive vibe. Aap aise hi DTM nahi ho!!

5. Parimal Killarikar – You are so chill, man! Thanks for all the advice and your time. It is indeed a confusing state to decide to take up a job or start a venture.

There are so many who inspired me. This blog post can’t accommodate all. Still, I would like to give some special acknowledgment to the ones I got a chance to interact with.

Siddharth Mohanty, co-founder of Areteans and your bhanjaa Subhankar; you were so friendly.  Indraneel Ganguli, Mahesh, Utkarsh and the Tech M team, without whom the REC to NIT video would not have been possible. Srinivas Patnaik from Aspire Infolabs, those few minutes of discussion with you was indeed eye-opening. It is not always about money and business. Sometimes it is about the fraternity and the collaboration with which we grow. And the ‘probability’ lessons of success in the creative field; it’s indeed a game of probability to a large extent. Hats off to all the efforts by Jagan Mantha, Lalit Vashista, Biswajit Mishra, Archana Mam, and every other individual who made this meet up a success.

No amount of thanks will be enough for all that our beloved alumni C.P. Gurnani did. You are an amazing person!

One super special mention for Bimal Bisi and Suresh Venkatraman for their undying spirit even in this age. You both nailed the dance floor! I wish God bless all of us with an energy like Suresh when years pass by.

Day 2

For a film enthusiast, there is nothing better than spending time in the biggest film city of Asia, The Ramoji Film City. The moment we entered the film city and saw those grand entrances; I was pretty sure there must be a treasure of fun inside. For the first time, I went on to ride the daring 360º rotation ride. From the long steps of Chennai Express, the sets of The Dirty Picture music video Ooh La La to the remnants of the Bahubali set.

Returning exhausted to the guesthouse, the antiquities were waiting to welcome us. And then there was the last session with Dushyant, with everyone speaking up about the experience and the takeaways. Everyone had some or the other thing to take away with them. Some with experiences and connections, while some with job offers and a whole lot of memories. Some hours later, lots of unwanted C2H5OH reactions in the tummies made the philosophers within us awaken with full vigor.


Day 3

With the morning sunrise the next day, it was time for bidding goodbye to the City of Pearls. Bags packed, we had a final video session with everyone sharing their experiences.

Thanks everyone for this special journey. This was my first visit to Hyderabad, and indeed it will be one of my most memorable trip of my college life. Never had I seen the NIT Rourkela Alumni Association organize something this grand. The next annual meet has been scheduled at Pune on December 16th,2017. I guess the most ridiculous thing a NIT Rourkela grad can do in Year 2017 is to bunk this get-together. 😀

To read more about my stay in Hyderabad for the next few days, you can move down.

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REC to NIT – A nostalgic journey

This new year we take you back to the roots. The place where it all started. Let’s see those Regional Engineering College aka Rengcol days once again and immerse ourselves in the nostalgia. We also present you few more glimpses of the aerial view. The complete aerial video will be released soon this January! Stay tuned. Do subscribe our channel and like our Facebook page to stay updated about upcoming releases.
This video was first presented in the NITRAA Annual meet at Hyderabad this December.
Video Production led by Abodid Sahoo
Video concept by Tech Mahindra – Marketing and Communications team.
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